A dynalo... in 2019


2018-12-11 10:37 pm
Hi Folks,

I am about to wake up this sleeping beauty by building a version based on the 2014 "Super Symmetry" circiut & board update by Gilmore:
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Only I want an SE circuit. Here is an attempt at drawing that:
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Kept in the simple style of the original from: A Pure Class A Dynamic Headphone Amplifier. – HeadWize Memorial

Becuase I dont think boards for that are made atm, I bought one of the balanced boards and am now planning to Frankenstein it into a stereo Amp. The balanced board has two current source stages. The voltage gain stage I will try tro build on perfboard. Just with the smallest possile point to point wiring and attached to the 2014 boards. At this point I have not gotten too many components and am still open to imput :scratch:.

There are probably some difficulties to be aware of. Maybe I would be better off getting an AMD design? Or maybe a LM49600 based kit? What attracted me to this design was the clear circuit, I was hoping to learn something about discrete amps here.


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Gosh this design seems very complicated.

I never looked into it much but about a year ago, a friend brought his Dynalo over to my house one day. We did a blind AB test with an AB switch box and a third person doing the switching. Level matched, etc. - with his AKG open back cans (can’t remember model) a simple 2 transistor amp that I had vs the Dynalo - he and his friend picked the simple 2 transistor as better every time. Mostly they said that the soundstage and imaging on the zero global feedback MOSFET follower design was superior. It wasn’t even close.

So the point is, are you sure you need to build such a complex design? Complex is not always better when it comes to sound. Especially with headphone amps.