A cheap TV that I have


2001-10-28 6:58 pm
I have a tv that only accept input from either RF or composite. Is there any unit which will take composite, s-video and component input and output it to a RF unit?

If not, is there something that will only input s-video and output to RF? I assume s-video to RF will be much better than composite connection, right?
I had a similar problem hooking up my apartmentmate's DVD player to our old TV. Radio Shack carries RF modulators that'll take composite video and stereo audio signals and turn it into the cable coax you need.

I doubt that s-video would be that much better, because it all gets mashed up onto a single "channel."


Component > S-Video > Composite > RF Coax

s-video is just composite video split into chorma (the color information) and luminance (brightness and sync). Several people sell Y cables to take S-video and put it into the composite video input of a TV. That will give you a better picture than modulating to RF.

Simple video switchs from Radio Shack can be used to seclect from more than one video source if that is what you need. If your sending the signal off to a second TV in a different room then RF is the way to go.
With over 20 years in Cable TV and manufacturing related to TV composite is allways better that RF. Think about it. The cheap modulators used in VCRs and such have horrible performance. The tuner, IF and demodulator used in the TV are only as good as they need to be to keep most people from complaning.

If you take the video output from a VCR or DVD and skip all of the lowest common denominator stuff and go in at video where minimum damage can be done to the signal it will look better.