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Long time lurker and audiophile with more wants than money.

Have collected and built lots of stuff/junk over the years.

My main system consist of Jensen Imperial Horn drivers ( P15LL lows / RP-210 mid horns / RP-302 tweeters ) with original Jensen crossovers (A-61 and A-402), in some of the most unique custom cherry cabinets I've ever seen... All purchased for $450 in 2003.

My primary amplifiers are Krohn-Hite UF-101 laboratory amplifiers. These amplifiers (mono) use parallell push pull (4 in all) 6550 output tubes, and are at 50 very conservative watts/channel (so conservative that I am still running the original (since 1958) Tung-Sol 6550s). I also use an EICO HF-81 EL84 integrated amplifier. I have a variety of sources (nothing to get excited about), and tend to use my own homemade cables.

I like MOST types of music and love playing around with new stuff.
Actually I have become interested in the Tripath amplifiers (purchased both the SI and the TEAC)

I am very impressed with the technology so far and I am looking forward to playing around with and modifying them.

I am also going to modify the cabinetry for my Jensens. The cabinets were built in the mid 1950s. The craftsmanship is impecable, and I have a very unique set of speakers - probably none like them in the world.

Unfortunately the "designer" did not know anything about vented speaker design, so my challenge is to tune them up without destroying what the builder (obviously much more talented at woodworking than myself) has crafted.
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Welcome to the forum....

Pictures of your Jensens?

I've heard some comments on those Kron-hite amplifiers... one fellow in New Zealand who uses them to drive custom IMF Reference Monitors that loves them, and another fellow, commenting that the feedback used to get vanishing low distortion makes them somewhat sterile... i'd be interested in your comments.

Here are some pictures of the Jensens.

As for the Krohn-Hites, the circuit is designed to have a LOT of feedback. But then I've never been one to believe that there is anything inherently bad with feedback. I guess they might be described as sounding sterile, but I've always felt they sounded pure, clean, and musical. They also have an effortless quality about them - sounding much more powerful than they are rated.

They have an amazing S/N ratio (106 db), extremely low distortion, loads of headroom for a tube amp (>3db), and have unparalled build quality. The build quality is excellent, with lots of oil-filed capacitors and massive Freed transformers.

They may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love them.


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.