A bass cab

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Hi. I'm new here and new to speaker design.

At this time I have on hand two Eminence 3015 drivers which, while being very efficient, having good xmax, and good power handling have a notable spike above 1100 Hz that makes them very hard to eq, and they also have a tendency to beam which makes them hard to use in a live band situation.

I have decided to build a cab with a 6" midrange to improve dispersion and smooth out the spikes. I recently purchased an Eminence Alpha 6a for this task.

I am using Vituixcad2 to help design the crossover for this. Below are some graphs for an early design. I realize that I will have to measure the drivers in cab at some point to fine tune the crossover, but I have to start somewhere.

Please let me know if you see any problems.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

Edit - I did upload some files. Not sure where they are.
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The files

I'll try again


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How high ar eyou trying to XO these 15”. As a rule-of-thum, i’d be concerned if i had to XO them above 350 Hz. That is some 2 octaves below the peak you want to deal with. It should be well suppressed by then (as long as >1st order).

What are you using above these?

It looks like these can do decent extention for a pro woofer… into the low 40s.

I'm crossing this driver at around 550 Hz. They will do 40 Hz but you have to be judicious with power. They are rated at 450 watts RMS.

Cab will be a hair under 3 cubic feet and tuned to 47 Hz.

I have attached the data sheet and TS.


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Please take a look

Here's the TS files for the Alpha 6a.

I'm going to power this cab with a class d 400 watt amplifier. I really don't see it being subjected to that much power, but it's there if needed.

I'm asking if there's any risk to the drivers based on the crossover design above. Specifically, the Alpha 6a.



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