93 Sony Receiver & tape deck, Fischer CD player, what's the worth?


2013-04-13 8:58 pm
I'm cleaning out my storage. I have the following to see what to sell for.

1) 1993 SONY STR-D611 Home Am/Fm Receiver Pro-Logic Surround, new, I paid about $300.00.

70w x2 RMS w/ .80% THD, 20w Center, 20w x2 Surround, A/B Speakers, Headphone Out •♦• Mute, Bass Boost, Dolby Pro Logic, Simulated Surround, 2 Video/ 3 Audio Inputs •♦• Digital Tuner w/ 11.2 dBf FM Sens., 30 Presets, Direct Tuning •♦• Switched AC Out, 430 x 135 x 295mm WHD, 6.4 kg.

2) SONY TC-W435 Dual Cassette Deck
3) 1986 Fischer Studio-Standard CD Player AD-864
4) SONY Three speakers, One center, two fronts, or (rears)
5) Two KLM Floor speakers
6) Two Radio Shack Realistic Speakers. (I used for B Kitchen extras)

Thanks for any input. I just do not know the value, and do not want to just give away. Maybe great for a garage system.


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