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8417 Tubes FS

Four Sylvania-built 8417 tubes. 3 NOS in International Servicemaster boxes, one new (but original box was destroyed by moisture) GE-labeled (but Sylvania-built).

As you can see on the picture below, they have the characteristic logo marking used by Sylvania- black lettering, with the letters "USA" under the model number:

All 4 test AS NEW on Sencore Mighty-Mite 5.

Selling for: $225 for the set of 4, plus shipping.

Contact: Gordon, by PM (GordonW) or email ( [email protected] ). Please include your address, for the purpose of calculating shipping cost. For these, shipping could be USPS or FedEx (small package).

BTW: I found an appropriately sized GE box, for the GE-labelled tube. That tube will be shipped in that box (the other 3 in their original International Servicemaster boxes).




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