8417 tube test on Hickok 539a


2016-02-17 1:02 am
Hey folks. First time post on a forum I've visited many times for a good read.
My problem is there are no listings or settings I can find anywhere for a 8417 tube on a Hickok 539a. I have a 600a but I don't particularly trust my readings on it, 1. because of the inherent design constraints for higher wattage power tubes, and 2. the fact that it isn't in good calibration as the 539a. Also I'd like to be able to monitor plate current during testing. I've heard that it is possible to use kt88 or possibly 6550 settings, but I don't have them either, and the bias setting would have to be considered as well. Can anybody here help me? Thanks in advance!
This is from the Hickok 539B/C data which should be the same.

6.3v (selectors) HS-5348-0, (bias) 0.4v, (no shunt) P4, (range) B, (Min. Mut. Cond.) 8200

You cannot use KT88 settings, (Bias & transconductance is different) but here they are. (should work for 6550 also)

6.3v, HS-5348-1, 1.4v, (no shunt) P4, C, 6250
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