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8 Audio Technology C-Quenze drivers for sale

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New thread!

Ready to sell my drivers, for sure this time!

The drivers are of the standard variety, identical to the specs in the published sheets.

They are the 15H (four of them) (4x)

And the 18H (four of them) (4x)

The 15H drivers have never been used. They have been moved about and re-oriented constantly, to avoid any possible motor sagging. At the price of these drivers, I'm quite conscious of possible damage.

The 18H drivers have about 3-4 months use on them.

They were only used to listen to Gregorian Chants on Sundays. Honest.

Reason for selling: I'm going to custom made versions.

Willing to sell in pairs, obviously. Unless someone wants 4, or heaven forbid, all 8.

As they indicate tend to indicate on Audiogon...'Lowballers will be politely ignored.'

I'm thinking up a price. I'll get back to you. Unless your offer is good enough, of course.

The 18H-8 (8 ohm) drivers are $299 each, on average.

I'll let them go for $185 each. No reduction for pair or quad pricing. They are in perfect shape, as stated. Only the Church Lady has used them.

The 15H-8 drivers are brand new, never mounted, they are $210 each. No quantity break.

I'm not sure anyone in the US is even carrying them (15H). So the price is notably below what you would pay to get a set here.
They are the exact drivers on the audio technology website. Those are the specs. :)

C-Quenze 18H 52

C-Quenze 15H...52? I think so... big *** motors on these puppies.

C-Quenze 18 H 52 17 06 SD

Resonance frequency - fs:40 Hz
Equivalent volume - Vas:28,5 liter
Qms 1,8
Qes 0,39
Qts 0,32
Nominal impedance - Zn 8 Ohm
DC resistance - re: 5,6 Ohm
Effective cone area - Sd: 137 cm2
Compliance – Cms: 1,09 mm/N
Mechanical resistance – Rms: 2,04 kg/s
Moving mass – mms: 14,6 g
Inductance 1 KHz – Le: 0,13mH
Force factor – Bl: 7,3
Winding height – Hc: 17 mm
Air gap height – Hg: 6 mm
Nominal power – Pn: 150 W
Acceleration factor: 499
Efficiency – SPL: 89 dB

C-Quenze 15 H 52 06 13 SD

Resonance frequency - fs: 48 Hz
Equivalent volume - Vas: 16 liter

Qms 1,73
Qes 0,4
Qts 0,33

Nominal impedance - Zn 8 Ohm
DC resistance - re: 5,3 Ohm

Effective cone area - Sd: 96 cm2
Compliance – Cms: 1,24 mm/N
Mechanical resistance – Rms: 1,55 kg/s
Moving mass – mms: 8,9 g
Inductance 1 KHz – Le: 0,12 mH
Force factor – Bl: 6

Winding height – Hc: 6 mm
Air gap height – Hg: 13 mm
Nominal power – Pn: 120 W

Acceleration factor: 674
Efficiency – SPL: 89 db

Check out the acceleration factor on the 5". Holy sweaty batsocks, batman.
OK. just understand that the shipping might be more than 6 weeks, and the price so close overall...that buying new ones might be the way to go. It's hard to say until the shipping is calculated. 'Canada post' is the way to go, unless my new UPS rates, which finally give me deep discounts on international shipping (depending on how much I spend the given two week period)..they may be good enough. But I doubt it.

It's bargain for US folk, no doubt, but the shipping overseas really places the price just a bit too high.
To clarify, one of the advantages of the flexunit is that it can be cutomized, with respect to basket/box interface/cutout with no real extra expense.

Each is so completely hand made that all it takes is putting the driver back few weeks to get it in position in the 'faceplate' machining order, so your custom cutout can be accommodated.

That large faceplate on the Verity flexunit driver? We did it first, then I guess word got out that it worked incredibly well...so.....
KBK said:
Sale of one pair of 15H to NY is pending.

2 pair 18H and one pair 15H remaining.

The one pair is SOLD to NY. Leaving today.

The other three pair are still available.

Looking to sell the 18H last, of course, and both pair at the same time. It can be to two different customers, just last is all, as I'm using all four right now!
I'll dig into when I get to the office. Likely that the system did not update at UPS over the weekend. UPS gets and takes the weekend off. No shipping movement at all. Maybe on the international flights, or maybe the trucks still move, but they don't accept any parcels or move them about in their tracking system on the weekends. It is likely that they went all the way to the correct US state..and then will suddenly appear in their system today with that information trail seemingly appearing out of the blue. Also, with a HUGE magnetic field coming off the box, it may be subject to closer scrutiny. It could be slowed down by a day and put into a pile that is shuffled along a special system where it is 'checked out', ie infrared, thermal, radio wave, x-rayed, etc. Who knows. But if a parcel is going to be checked for anything, a huge magnetic field is a no-brainer for being put in that pile.
Arc said:
I am interested in a pair of the 18H's. You need to sell both pairs before shipping correct?

That is correct. I think it was Peter Daniel who voiced an interest in the other pair, and I can drop his directly into his hands on a visit to the T-O area, as I travel to the area often enough to do exactly that.

I have about $4500 tied up in a system that utilizes these drivers,and I'm looking to sell both pairs at the same time..as I'm using them right now. I don't think I've ever put more than 100W peak into them, as I have no urge for loud music anymore.I've only used them for about 5 months, total.
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