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7in cast mid bass drivers


2009-09-14 8:06 pm
These are very good quality cast frame mid bass speakers. Elliptical Poly cone, Rubber surround, flat spiders.

They are 4 ohm and have an Fs of around 80hz.

On the back it says: MGW 160P/4 10-1624-09 552TM Outside Diam: 7 1/16th
Mounting hole diam: ~5.1/2
Depth: 3in

I bought them for a project I didn't get time to complete. Now I'm moving and selling everything.

They are new in the boxes and I am selling them in pairs. I have 8 pairs, and will deal on shipping if you buy more than one pair.

$20 per pair or deal if you buy more.

please email me at:
[email protected]

if you just reply to this thread, I will never see it.



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