70's British TV And The Innocent Mind


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2001-09-18 2:33 am
Connecticut, The Nutmeg State
England was a strange place in the seventies and the TV shows they put on were particularly odd, bizarre, disturbing, scary, amusing for all the wrong reasons, devoid of believeable special effects etc.

This look at British children's TV of the seventies is one of the funniest reviews I have ever read. :D Except for a few episodes of Dr Who shown over here, I haven't seen any of these shows-yet I got a kick out of the whole piece, start to finish.

Definitely for anybody, from any country, who wants a nice, long laugh.

And the fellow apparently isn't even a professional writer!


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2002-10-24 10:19 pm
It has not gotten better in this century. Besides the Teletubbies- creatures from the pits of Hell, I tell you- there's Boobah. I'm sort of at a loss to describe this, but if your mind is anything like mine, you'll have a fit at the beginning of the show where they get up out of their shells. It is so insanely Freudian as to beggar description.


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2003-01-18 7:57 am
Near London. UK
Hurrah for the BBC!

I'm afraid his review is incomplete. He completely forgot the "Magic Roundabout", now there's a surreal programme for you. And what about "Blue Peter"? Until you've seen Valerie Singleton pushing a lion off the sweet counter in a corner shop by its nose, you haven't lived. (Presenters were made of sterner stuff back then.)


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2003-05-17 9:08 pm
those tubbies have completely spoiled appreciating any beautiful green land with bright blue skies for me. or is that winxp default backdrop. anyway, since my childhood tv experiences were more in the 80's I must give them a mention...remember dogtanian, cities of gold, dungeons and dragons, supergran, ducktales, fragglerock, whizbit, rolf's cartoon club, smurfs, super ted, bananman...ok enough already ;)