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7'' Innovatek 007VG + Lumen Lab Lens Kit

I have two 7'' Innovatek LCDs for sale. Both are in mint condition and have NOT been stripped. Warranty still stands. No dead pixels and guaranteed not DOA.

Specs for the LCD

Also I have two Lumen Lab Lens Kits as well. They are the 1005 S15 Lens Kit. They have not been taken out of the packaging are are still in the bubble wrap.

Brand new - Specs here

Reason for selling... I along with a friend on mine were going to attempt a diy projector however we dont have the time, nor extra money to continue.

I will let the lcd's go for $200 CAD each, and the lens for $50 CAD each. I can throw in a busted Innovatek (ripped FFC cable) if you want one just to see the insides. I prefer to deal with the GTA (greater Toronto Area) at first. However if they dont sell I will consider shipping at buyers expense. Prices are firm

Contact - [email protected]