7" inch in a round wooden box

Heyo guyz,

maybe some of you may think I’m mad….and they’re absolutely right.
This is my fourth project and ma intention was to create a different design.

The idea was to built a round, wooden pj.

The components are:
- 7” 800x480 EMP 701 Screen 125 Euro ( video –in, no vga-in)
- 9” copy lens
- “dremeled” PAR 30 reflector ( Cold Mirror)
- IR-Filter
- 150 Watt Philips CDM-T
- Electronic ballast 150 W
- Bendable plywood

Here we go:

This are the bottom and the top-plate made of beech

And this ist the plywood I put in the milled slot.

Here with the top plate

Here are the reflector and the IR-filter:

This ist he top-view showing the layout
[IMGDEAD]http://mitglied.lycos.de/beckersnet/Bilder/Innenaufbau.JPG [/IMGDEAD]

Front-View ( shows Objective, IR-Receiver, Standby-LED)
[IMGDEAD]http://mitglied.lycos.de/beckersnet/Bilder/Ansicht%201.JPG [/IMGDEAD]

[IMGDEAD]http://mitglied.lycos.de/beckersnet/Bilder/Anschl%fcsse.JPG [/IMGDEAD]

And some results, which have to be improved. The LCD has to be aligned,
Coz it’s not sharp on the right side. An objective 290mm is needed coz one round corner is right in the light path causes the dark right edge. And the field fresnel has to be replaced.I cracked it. Can be seen on the left lower side.
Fox Intro

The diagonal PJ is 2,20 m at a throw distance of 3,5 m.

have phun.


2004-12-27 10:11 pm

Its a good design. I think it would score well on the WAF (wife acceptance factor for new readers). I've followed your work before and it maintains the high attention to detail. The compact design is great but im wondering if your going too small for your arc? The image seems a bit soft. Maybe the facets on your reflector are too big for that setup? I know a lot of people like small designs. I trade size for lower angle variance. Personal preference.

Did you steam the plywood yourself?
hi Me2!,

thx for the nice words.
Whaddaya mean" .....if your going too small for your arc? "?

The plywood is a special one. There's no need for steaming in order to bend it. It's made of 3 layers, glued in different directions. So you can bend it easily. It was hard to find. I saw this in a diy-tv-show. This gave me the idea to use it for a pj-enclosure.

Yeah, the image looks abit soft. My cam is not a good one. On the image you see the artifacts resulting from my sh...ty cam. The real image is better.