• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

6v6 SEP

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Hi everyone!
Well, It seems that I'm approaching the final stadium of the "tube sickness", I'm entering the SE madness...
Once on it, I remember the words of a DIY guy wiser than me: "I never heard an EL84 amp that do not sound at least very good" but also remembered another wise guy saying " God knows that the world do not need another EL84 amp"
So, I was looking around for some simple solution, and from one discussion in this forum, my sight falls over this one:
picture A

Well, I was trying to re- arrange the schematic for my better understanding:
picture B

And there is the arrangement of G3 - R10 (100K) that confuses me, because is very different to others pentode-pentode SE amps (the Mullard 3_3, for example)
It is a kind of local feedback or simply a mistake of my re- arranged drawing?
By the way, I decided for a 6V6G - 6J7G because I want the amp to be full octal tubes (there will be a 5U4G too), 4-5 watt will be enough, and these tubes looks really cool .
I'll be grateful for any advice


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Unfortunately not. Some personal and financial :( issues leads me to stop the project . Hope to restart very soon.
Kevin Connor builded up a similar thing, with great success, and shared a lot of useful info, specialy about the pentode gain stage.
Mine will be different in some aspects.
Last thing I did on this, was a provisory schematic to look at possible ways to inject the partial feedback signal. Nothing other than that. It still remains the tubes to be ordered and to think about the chassis, etc
Here the circuit, but need still a lot of work...
I'll let now here , if any progress


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Oh well, OPT's will be some italian made units that I own.
If there is success, I will try the same units used by Kevin Connor:
These are made by Twin Audio and Kevinkr found that are excellent units..
All the best

Yes, these transformers are excellent. The amplifier is quite nice within the constraints and expectations I designed to. Mine is based on a design topology that probably dates back some 60yrs, with a few interesting twists like battery bias on the output stage, and a ridiculously quiet power supply.

Not sure where the reference to Kevin Connor came from since my last name is Kennedy.. :D
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