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6SN7 SRPP Preamp - For Sale or Trade


2007-06-14 1:42 pm
I'm no longer using my 6SN7 preamp, which I built using a PCB from Analogmetric:

6SN7 SRPP Preamplifier PCB (Stereo)_Bare PCB_Analog Metric - DIY Audio Kit

Note it is single input/output only, as I was primarily using it as a gain stage after a DAC with a passive resistor I/V stage. Gain is about 12dB, output impedance is 2.7k and I would recommend using it with a power amp that has 100k input impedance or greater. That said, not hard to change the capacitors at the output.

The caps are all decent - WIMA, Russian PIO, etc. ALPS pot. Will include the Shuguang 6SN7 tubes, but not any better ones as 6SN7 are becoming too rare!

Some photos are attached - if anyone is interested, PM me and let me know what you have to trade (interested in USB gear, headphone amps/pcbs, tubes, caps, anything DIY really!), otherwise asking $75 AUD + postage (from Australia) - far below the cost of parts, but the amp is gathering dust so needs to go.


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