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6SN7/5692 for sale-trade


2000-12-31 9:31 am
While searching for some materials to built a small SE valve amp based on the 300B I stumbled across a small but juicy stash of tubes.
The total is about 20 tubes and there are:
-a few Hytron 5692 brown base
-a few GE 6SN7
-a few sylvania 6SN7
-one raytheon 5692
-a few 6SN7 black base RCA
The picks of the litter would be the Hytron 5692 brown base that, I've heard, are as good as the coveted RCA red base, and the GEs.
All the valves are new and functioning; they have just been there, undisturbed, for 30yrs.
I need to keep a few of these guys for my SE amp and to sell the others. Alternatively,I would like to make some type of trade for a pair of good quality -NEW- 300B.