6J51P mic amp - comments


2009-03-11 2:15 pm

I have drawn up this circuit that I plan on building soon as a starting point for a mic amp design.

After working on various designs over the last few years I think this is the route that best suits my ideologies and goals.

I have adapted a few circuits to get here, mostly read from experienced designers and posters here and from MJ and Allen Wright. I would like to move to a cascoded cathode follower like Allen Wright suggested, but in this case I would like to build this first then have something to compare against.

I have a few questions;

I would ideally like to use something cheaper than the DN2540, can someone suggest anything - or a more suitable design for the tail ccs? I have seen various topologies for ccs but not sure why to pick one over the other.

Can anyone spot anything glaringly stupid?

Or suggest why this is a good or a bad route to pursue?

Thanks in advance.

Still learning!



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