60 impala

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well for over a year i had a fairly cool system being in low budget i'd say in a car with a 60 amp alternator that is an odd size and would cost a whole lot to upgrade (being a cheap *** i used one battery)
even had an ok sound thought i'd be the one to get away with it karma is laughing at me
and recentaly the constant drain(not small wire just an idiot cranking an amp thats to big for the car) on the alternator burned up the regulator
when it was replaced thee core was black, matte black
looked like choral
and because the voltage drop was so great a few months ago i burned a power supply output out of 2075am ppi(i miss it dearly) it half worked tried to fix it...
the board turned into carbon half shorting and my 120v to 12v power supply shut off finishing something in the amp (i might try and fix it if i had help i don't know about that board though)
so see my i have a 60 impala and when school is out i will be acquiring a job and the time to work on it
i'm redoing the mechanics from rear to front
and the engine will be replaced with a brand new 283
and redoing necessary wiring
so i want a system
i like my old school amps with there power hogging nature they please the ear
but i want to have the car wired right and ready for it so none of this will happen again
any ideas and recommendations i'd rather not like to be pulling over 150 or so amps i want my 12 mpg but not killing amps from undercurrent and the alternator and the car is more importuned
sorry if i sound funny i'm still heated about that whole bit of ruining the amp
ok i just wasted my typing
i plan total of 5 6 by 9s 2 kick panels and 2 to 4 added tweeters
now i know for the bass i'm useing a orion 2100 hcca the old one operates at about an easy 60 amps can peak at 160 might get another use 2
now i'm not doing it all at once but i want the car ready for that kind of power
as i explained my daily driver had a burnt alternator fuel pumps and it dropped power so low it killed a great 2075am ppi
i don't want any of this to happen to my impala
i expect it to run a lifetime without electrical trouble because of the system
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Anyway i have a 60 impala. I had many problems with my daily driver because the car was not able to handle the system ,burned up a beloved amp because of undervoltage. Now i'm replacing the engine in a few months and i want to start doing the system groundwork, by that i mean proper alternator, regulator, batteries, and anything else that can help. I expect to run the car a lifetime, and when i install the system i don't want the power drain from the car causing any more problems
they should accept a pretty generic cs144 cased alternator, often offered in chrome, and all the way up to more than 200a, before becoming real expensive. may i ask, why a brand new 283? most pre-packaged motors are of the mass-preduction build, and a crap-shoot as to how reliable it is. also, the car may be worth more with a numbers-matching engine. it goes allong with the saying, "built, not bought"
thanks and no it is built not prepackaged haha
i mean all brand new parts
been striped from the ground up
new stainless steel heads, 2 1/2 in oversized values, lots of good parts
to me its the new
the cars had some history
the new 283 is half matching parts numbers (let me explain)
the car started with a 230 straight six but in 1967 was changed to a 283 (by Chevrolet)
so in a way its half matching it matches the vin (i believe i forgot what numbers what off the top of my head)

secondly please for any feather comments... don't speak about putting chrome under a car i think thats the most wasteful waste, the car has chrome everywhere one can look as is

PS: 283 are not forged anymore chevy uses a new v6 for a replacement
PSS: not all mass-produced engines are cheap my grandfather has a gmc sierra with the new 6 liter it hulls as* never seen a 3/4 ton truck move so fast before (stock anyway seen a ford with a blower, that was a 1 ton though with its monster truck tires)
PSSS: if anyone brings up the car, sorry if you hate my rants i could write a book
The car should have come orginally with a generator its probably only capable of 25-30 amps, but if somone swapped out the inline 6 for a 67 283 they may have used the alternator that came on that engine, it would be a 10dn alternator they came anywhere from 37 amp to 63 amp output.

As others have said you can replace those with a cs144 type alternator it may require a small amount of bracket rework and you will have to change the pulley to one with a v groove. The wire from the alternator output stud to the battery will also have to be upgraded anywhere from 8 gauge to 4 depending on how far it is to the battery and what amp output the alternator is capable of. You should give some thought to replacing the entire wiring in the car , after 53 years the insulation will be brittle and the connectors will most likely have some corrosion, not to mention previous owners hacking in splices for accessories and such. check out american auto wire and painless wiring both make excellent harness kits.

Regards, Robert
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