6 channel line out with one common ground?

This might suit my needs for a build and it has a pin connector which would make wiring to amplifiers easier. It only has one ground for all channels though. Is this good design practice or asking for crosstalk and or noise? I notice common L/R grounding on the inputs to some of my amplifier boards so maybe common practice?

If this post gets any traffic I’m wondering if three pin phoenix type screw terminal connectors can be found but with the staggered pins like the pins connecting the rca jacks? I could swap those connectors and make wiring easier, I think. What might those connectors be called if available?
I kind of botched the description here, I must have been preoccupied or something. I should have said that the connector only has one negative for all six channels. This is more concerning to me as I wonder if the single negative layout is mirrored in the rca connectors.