6.144 MHz low phase noise crystal available - e.g. for TDA1541, PCM1704 or ... ?


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2007-10-20 7:46 pm
Hi all,

Just would like to say that for those of you using the TDA1541 for 48 kHz or 96 kHz reproduction (or maybe a PCM1704, or ... ?) there's a 6.144 MHz crystal available in the "The Well Tempered ... " thread:


We have been able to get a quote on a low No. of crystals, however, it would be feasible if one - or more - of the diyaudio members were interested in buying one.

Price for this particular crystal - due to the relatively low Nos currently on order - will be 44 EUR + shipment from Italy to where you may be.

FYI I've been told that the frequency range around 5 MHz should be the sweet spot for lowest phase noise from a crystal (please don't ask me any specifics, though, as this is not my most knowledgeable field).

If you are interested then please send me a PM ASAP as I understand the group buy is closing very shortly (a few days).