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5W SE 2A3 monoplate for sell!

Perfect sound.

5W per channel @ 4/8 ohms.

Dual mono.

400VA hand made quality supply transformer.

3 stages - 6Í6Ï (1-st & 2-nd), 2À3 monoplate (output).

Plasma tube (one per channel) for 1-st stage's supply stabilizing.

Rectifier (one per channel) - 5Ö3Ñ.

Silver wiring, stabilized filament for 2A3 (with LM338 as current source).

Hand made 3800 ohms : 4/8 ohms output transformer, 5 sections primary, 5 sections secondary.

Hand made messing logo:


Filtrate (for 1-st & 2-nd stage), bypass and interconnect AgTa caps, russian military production.

10H inductor for 2A3, 5H for 6Í6Ï.

High quality 0.1% resistors military production.

Precise 12 step gold plated attenuator.

Exotic woods chassis - merbo & jatoba

Price 1600 Euros.

For contacts:

+359 887 836635, Daniel.