55W AKSA costs

I'm interested in building the 55W AKSA integrated amp, but am not sure how much it will cost in the end. I understand the kit does not include a number of parts (eg. power supply and case) so I would like to know what else I would need to add. I don't require incredibly high qualtiy parts, just something decent and commonly used for this amp.

Also, are there any other projects/kits that are comparable to the AKSA, but cost less?

methinks the AKSA amp is not very expensive; i ordered the AKSA 100W kit and will build the thing withing the next 2 weeks. I got raves from friends concerning sonics and decided to try it out both fullrange and for subwoofer use. If you have a bit patience, i come back with results soon.

You atleast need to buy a power transformer yourself and you may decide to buy your own electroytics and rectifiers locally instead of buy those from Hugh he recommends and not to have your customs office rip you for that too. So did i, German customs is voracious.

As i never go for 2nd class components, i paid about $60 for the elelctrolytics, $120 for potted toroids with magnetic and electric shield winding, $35 for Schottky rectifiers.

If you follow Hugh's recommendations, you may end up way cheaper, i would guess <50% of that as you aim for the 55W version. I could have ended up at 60% for trannies, electros and recitifiers for my 100W version, would i have chosen cheapest options.
Hi Markjia,

I have built both the 55 and 100 watt AKSA and the amount of grief you save by purchasing the power supply components from Hugh Dean is significant and it has the added bonus of "voicing" the AKSA to Hughs' spec.

I used Plitron transformers and I built the 100 watter as a pair of mono-blocks in Purple Heart wood cases. If you wanted to go cheap you could built a MDF case and spray it with one of the faux stone finishes.

Tony D.