500w 220v power supply on 110v

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This is power supply recommended for amp board. However it's only available in 220. Thought maybe with pics some of you might see a way to convert it.

Most quality switch mode power supplies are universal voltage; 85 ~ 265volt.
With no schematic it may be an issue to find a solution if it doesn't use a split level primary.
See primary stage attached. SW4 links for 110v use.


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Hi joeytvr,
Jon has already hinted a possibility if applicable.
I believe there could be another reason for the same converter not doing both 115Vac and 230Vac. It is a resonant type converter based on the LLC design. Power efficient and probably with zero voltage switching. If I'm not wrong, such converters are pretty dependent on the transformer winding ratio as their resonant nature and control principle using frequency variation near the resonance do not well allow for compensation of a very different input or output voltages.
You can most likely make a transformer for 115Vac (half the primary windings is my guess and adapt the resonance to a lower transformer inductance), but making other modifications will hardly do the job.
If you know a traditional push-pull converter, there you have a similar problem.
If you want an LLC type converter, you probably have to find one designed for 115Vac.
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Most recent SMPSU's has PFC preregulator, and the autoswitching is inherent.

Good point Osvaldo.
A PFC boost converter that generates an intermediate and more stable DC voltage from a largely varying input AC voltage.
With the input voltage range specified as 200V-240V AC, would you assume such a PFC pre-regulator to be present or something to be added to the present design?