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500W 12V to ±45V Invertor PSU For Car Audio!!!

This is absolute a cool gadget for audio DIYers. It convert 12V from car battery to dual ±45V DC power supply for audio amplifiers. Voltage is adjustable by adding feedback resistors in parallel with the on board res. The max power is up to 500W! Don't tell me it's not enough for your car audio...
See details here:
500W 12V to ±45V car audio PSU


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2011-09-28 3:23 pm
Did a test today with a electronic load. The voltage was set to 45V, current set to 6A. Postive and negative output are tested seperated because the electronic load don't have dual input :)
Positive voltage dropped from 45.1V to 44.7V and negative voltage drops from -45.1V to -44.8V. Result is quite positive.


2011-09-28 3:23 pm
More pics. The newest version upgrated the MOSFET with a more powerful part. Output is more stable.



2011-09-28 3:23 pm
How to enable the module

Hello customers, sorry for the valgue instruction. To enable the modue, the pad marked with R must be connected to +12V. See the photo attached


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Hello s sorry for the late reply.

Please look at the schematic below:
the feedback network is formed by R24//R20 + R11 and R21//R25 + R22. Voltage on Pin14 is 5.0V. The voltage on Pin15 must equal to pin 16. R20 and R21 is actually 82.6ko. It's not quite complicate to calcualte the value of R24 and R25 with this conditions.