500 watts Class g power amp

hi to all..... can anybody recognize this amp design? i saw this from i think a russian website, i could not understand the language, it looks interesting and uses just ordinary parts... thanks


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Mosfetli quality output amplifier circuit 3 times the output power and the drive times used irfp9240 irfp240 and two op amp circuit is used to drive the circuit in 4558 in times of peace movements do not need to set for
Supply voltage is + - 60 volts and + - 1130 rpm position volt output is also the Source schema and pcb files: 500W-mosfet-amplifier-circuit-irfp240-irfp9240-power-anfisi.rar
CAUTION Be careful when working with high voltage capacitor circuit to make sure the connection / - connect the opposite polarity high voltage circuits large explosions could be insured before you turn the power line, use protective glasses
Author: gevve Date: 7/03/2010 Tags: amplifier circuits, power :D
coolet.. thanks for the info, is that schematic correctly drawn? theres a low value resistor 3.3 ohm 1watt connected from speaker output directly to signal ground ( at the left corner of the schematic) maybe it will blow when driven at high power...thanks
500 w amp pcb

yes no NFB going to the IC. Is there no Layout for the PSU? it seems other parts is in the PSU like the D2012.

coolet, theres no psu layout, from the output stage picture you can see an extra transistor bolted from the heatsink, maybe its the d2012.. hows the stability of this amp without feedback?, and no vbe bias circuit for bias adjustment and thermal compensensation. thanks


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