50" Midrange Planars?

BrianL said:
I believe that Genesis uses drivers from Bohlender-Graebener,
or at least that's what I read somewhere.


Parts Express is the "exclusive" seller of raw B-G drivers
to DIY'ers:


I believe the Genesis ribbons are true ribbons... meaning non planar

also I don't think their as inefficent as those BG's
One Genesis article mentioned that they use a custom design planar ribbon from Bohlender-Graebener with a thinner film and several runs of aluminum connector, of which only the center track was used for the tweeter function. The article said this increased the frequency response beyond 20Khz, where the current standard B-G planar seems to droop around 16Khz.

inertial said:
el' Ol,
I have a crazy idea : why not to purchase the most little system and
disassemble 32 pairs of these planars?
A group-buy of 32 mans........
Maybe too much euros? I have a bad presentiment.........


Really funny! I had the same idea when I discovered the website.

But I guess we`ll have to buy a subwoofer array, too. Xmax of the system is low, I`ll ask the company what xmax the woofers have and some planar expert here should be able to calculate whether one woofer is enough in an open baffle with side walls.

tiki said:
Crevasse could be an option. But as I heard from the builder himself two years ago, it's not sure that they will be built in future: "In Finland we've sold some, but not too many as to make a living."
Regards, Timo

Very nice speakers, i particularly like the dfipole bass (eheh).
But "89db" and "very efficient" in the same page is a nonsense.