5" overall full range ?? FX120A or FR125S

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okay is order time , and I have read all the reviews much that my eyes hurt :dead: :dead:

need some experience help

im going to try something different

using them in my car--up high in the pillars semi-sealed (polyfill stuffed )

strict 100-20K, with a tweeter coming in for helper duty at 5k--to help with the poor off axis support

which would work best in this application?

they both have not so great off axis support

but its up high on the dash so sensitivity is not that important
the fostex sensitiviy looks appetizing--but I read in some review that there is a significant dip in the 200hz range??)

but then theres the xbl2 low distortion in the midrange

and yes I know neither one is really a car driver, but im being adventurous :)

imleanign towards the FR125S, but do others think the fostex is the better driver for this less than ideal application?
I would go with the FR125S. Honestly, I think that the Fostex is the best driver between the two, but in a car, I'm not so sure it will hold up.

Also, I've been playing with the FR125S and it has great dispersion, more excursion, silky mids and looks rugged. It's not as detailed as the Fostex and it's really not efficient, but this should not matter in a car - unless you plan to install a low power tube amp :^)
It's not as detailed as the Fostex

I was intending to ask a similar question though not for car use but in the home as a real hi-end reference speaker.

What other speakers (preferably Full Range, lower frequencies being catered by a Subwoofer) are out there which sound more detailed than the FX120A, at a similar price?

I am aware of Jordan, Supravox and Lowther. Any others? Thanks.
if you're going to use a seperate tweeter (preferable in an automotive application), use the cheaper WR125s

make sure you don't feed low frequencies to prevent wild cone gyrations

also, be aware of the lower eff. of the CSS drivers, . .. the WR, while a nice driver, just didn't have enough volume when I owned it. I was tempted to buy a second pair, but that would have put me above budget.

that apart, .. i'm not entirely convinced that these drivers aren't wasted in an automotive environment
One thing to keep in mind is that the revelators are not a high Q driver - they are really optimized for a ported enclosure. The WR125S is a high Q driver which means that the cone will be better controlled and will provide richer bass in either a free air or semi free air condition. Additionally, the extended frequency response of the WR125S will probably give you better performance in a car situation without having to design a complicated cross-over. If you are using a reasonably powerful amp with the WR125S your performance should be good enough. I can tell you that using 7" Seas G18 drivers in my car has proven to be a difficult proposition largely due to the low Qts of the driver and the poor off-axis response above about 2.5K. Having extensively tested the WR125S in a 2-way mini-monitor I designed I must say that I am highly tempted to install those drivers in my car instead of those Seas woofers . . .

Good luck whatever you decide to do.

I own a pair of FX120 (like the F120A but not shielded) and love them. Very detailed, sweet, and natural.

But in a car I 'd prefer a more solid speaker because the fostex handle only a few watts and have a way too low Qts for this kind of application. The foam surround may not like high powers !

They cannot reach more than 100dB anyway, and need an enclosure to hold the cone firmly.
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