5.600 Audison amp, 2 channels not working


2020-02-26 4:41 pm
Hey Everyone,

I installed an Audison 5.600 5 channel amp in the old Xterra like 10-12 years ago with all channels hooked up and working.

About 2-3 years ago the right rear stopped working then the left rear. Last summer i thought I was going to find out what the problem was. The rear speakers do work, plugged them into the fronts.

1) I am not exactly sure where to start in figuring out exactly whats wrong with the rear channels
2) I don't know if I want to get it repaired or just get another 5 channel amp and throw that in.
3) if I just replace the amp I certainly would not put in anything expensive
4) maybe just wiring up the front/rear right and front/rear left in series is the easiest way to go, amp says it can do a 2 Ohm load