5.25" speakers

My problem is this. I have recently bought a pair of speakers off of my roomate. They are floor standing speakers that contain a 15" sub(Mtx brand), a 5.25" mid range, and i just bought two new tweeters with horns(not sure on the brand though, possibly dispersion?). Any way i have been looking all over for a 5.25 mid range with black grill cover and i cant find one anywhere. Any advice on a good one? Not looking to spend to much money either, used could be a possibility.

Well you can do that but it might not sound as good because each XO is designed specific to the drivers. If you can find a midrange that is a close match it might do. There's nothing stopping you from trying. You've already bought new tweeters without recgard for the XO so what's it going to hurt if you throw a mid in there? It's a good place to get your feet wet. Besides if something doesn't go that well, you can start from scratch and design something better. We all started somewhere friend.

A speaker with a 15 in. MTX screams homemade! My suggestion is that you remove the 5.25 mid, look at the back for any make/model number and ask Parts Express for suitable replacement.
My guess is that the mid is enclosed in some plastic can, and you should easely find a replacement for around $10.
It's obvious that it's not a high end piece of gear, but it will do the job.