4x alpine SPS-600 , 2way speakers ... amp??

After doing some quick research around here I haven't really found much for a direct answer ... add to that the fact that i'm very much a beginner and what it equals is this post here :)

I'm looking to pair a 4 channel amp with these speakers here that were installed by the original owner of the car ( 97 maxima gxe )

Alpine SPS-600 Full Range Car Speakers - Car Speakers at Onlinecarstereo.com

... I've never run an amp to component speakers before ... only to subs ... So with my beginners knowledge I thought maybe this amp would do good enough ???

SoundStorm EV4.400 4 Channel Amplifiers - Car Amplifiers at Onlinecarstereo.com

Right now i've got a 15" IB dayton Sub mounted on an IB baffle going into the trunk.

And at this point i'm pretty sure ( but still to open to suggestions ) that i'm going to pair it all with this Kenwood deck here:

Kenwood Excelon KDC-X494 Car MP3 CD Players - In-Dash Receivers at Onlinecarstereo.com

Thoughts , comments, suggestions ??

hahaha ... It appears my questions are too elite for you mere mortals!!!

bahahaha ... ... ...

But seriously though ...

i'm just a beginner ...

any recommendations and / or explanations help ...

my apologies if i'm wasting your time ... I understand this place is dedicated much more to the technical / engineering end of car stereo but I only post here because once upon a time I was given lots of help over a period of a few weeks from multiple users here on my amateur system set-up

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