48V phantom power XLR Mic into PC

Hi there everybody!
I see there are lots of experts here, perhaps I can get my questions answered.

I have a condenser mic that needs 48V phantom power to work. check.
I've got a 48V phantom power supply. check.
It has a XLR INPUT and a XLR OUTPUT.

Now, my question is:

Can I make a cable (XLR) to (1/8") to connect that OUTPUT into my PC SOUND CARD input (green jack)????

pin XLR-1ground to 1/8"-ground
pin XLR-2hot to 1/8"-left
pin XLR-3cold to 1/8"-right

I will fry my PC????? Or it will get some sound??

In case it works, I have another theory:

Since hot and cold are out-phased in 180º, with Pro Tools if I reverse Cold,
it will get a 2 times boost in the amplitude when I sum both signals.
Also, assuming the noise were the same in hot and cold before I reverse cold... The noise will also be inverted, which would give me a noise suppressor, because the noises are exactly the same in each pin, but out-phased after I inverted, therefore one noise would cancel each other.

Does it work???

Thanks everybody!
Actually, 1 and 2 are not shorted. Sleeve is ground, ring is Bias voltage and tip is signal.

But I want to plug it into LINE IN and not MIC IN.

Once LINE IN is Ground, Left signal and Right Signal.. I'm still wondering if I can:

Sleeve: Ground.
Ring: Cold XLR.
Tip: Hot XLR.
Can I???