47lb Heatsink for $40usd


2000-12-31 9:31 am
I have already taken the liberty of guesstimating the ratios from measuring the computer screen with a ruler. I come up with pretty close ratio for lenght and width. I attributed to error to the weird prospective. As far as the height I came up with 3".
I guess if they re-sized the picture in a non uniform fashion (very plausible) it all goes up in smoke. I will just have to wait and see. I am hopeful because of the 47 lb weight.


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2002-01-21 2:42 pm
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If you look at the other heatsinks on the site, they use the same picture for two heatsinks of different sizes. They probably just pick a picture similar to the type of heatsink and use it for all heatsinks of that type. If anyone orders some of these heatsinks, please post pictures. I am interested in these also.

Thanks for the heads up,

I didn't see the other one. If you talking about this ones for $39 it was a steal. No wonder Grataku went to Sin Bin for it.;) The base plate is probably on the bottom and this is were you mount the devices. With 3 fans you could probably build one channel of Aleph 1.2 on ea. sink. If I got the info earlier I would probably buy 10 of them.

Mine were about the size you mentioned and I bought them black anodized CAD10 ea. Not bad either.;)


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I think that when designed properly (and cleverly damped), run at half speed, the fans can be an interesting alternative. Cello amps which were really expensive and higly regarded were using fans.

It also depends how loud and what kind of music you listen to. I think I could live with them. Sometimes the size does matter too (I'm talking about the amps here).;)