4780 component placement

Hello. I'm building a 4780 kit from chipamp.com (Thanks Brian).

First off, I think that I have the correct placement for all the parts except for the Rm. There are two patches of exposed metal on the bottom of the board which seem to be attached to the correct pins on the 4780. Is that the correct placement for this resistor?

Is there any more detailed info on the 4780 somewhere here? I could not locate it after several searches?

Not the Feedback resistor. The mute resistor for the 4780. That's what the pins look like. As far as I can tell, the 4780 board is based off the parallel schematic from the 4780 data sheet. Since the board is not labeled for placement of Rm, a 10K resistor, I started tracing pins on the 4780 and it appears the metal spaces connect to pins 14,20 (Mute) and 10,11 (Vee).

My question is, are you actually supposed to mount the resistor to the bottom of the board?