475Khz antenna

I don't understand what batteries have to do with an antenna.

I fear we may have a language problem. The usage of antenna that I know is that it is a conducting structure that picks up or transmits radio waves.

For transmission it is connected to a transmitter. Do you want to also build a battery powered transmitter?

For reception it is connected to a receiver.

A classic loop antenna is one wavelength in circumference. At 475kHz, this is about 600m, which is fairly large. AM radios often use a ferrite loaded loop, which is much physically smaller, and can be bought into resonance with a tuning capacitor.
elfotony said:
I’d like to build a loop antenna which works in transmission with a 475khz frequency and which is fed by two 1,5v batteries Is there anybody who can help me.
Thanks all!

The battery powers a FET buffer with another gain stage to compensate for a physically small loop.

This page has many links to loop antenna design:



2008-01-15 11:48 am
than's you.
I know that my english is not good, but I'm trying to improve it.
The question is: I've a continuous power alimentation and I wont to transmith a wave of 475kHz (and recive it). I don't know if a qarz oscillator cuold help me. And if yes, i don't know the way for a correct construction. I want to transmit some bites in a sistem point to point for some analisys.
Sorry for my engl. but I'd never studied it.