47 Lab Shigaraki transport issue and question

It seems I might have a problem with this transport. I have been getting some spitting or tizzy sounds in my sister plus distortion at some dynamic passages.

So I think The culprit is the transport. Determined this by using my Oppo 93 as a CD player into my preamp, no problem. Then used it as a transport to my 47 Lab dac, no problem. So the preamp is also ok and power and loudspeakers.

So, my question is if it would be possible the cd mechanism is failing and causing these symptoms.

It was replaced a couple of years ago and Inhave an extra one.

Thanks a lot


2004-11-07 8:58 pm
Just for the record, and for people who search for the information on Google like I did, I've replaced the mechanism in my Shigaraki CD player just now .

It is indeed a Sanyo SF-P101N / SFP101N , 15pin, at least in my player .
Cost me 15€ shipped or so on Ebay .

I replaced the cable as well ; the original one measured 22cm in length, I got a 25cm cable which fits fine .
The cable is 15pin, 1.0 pitch, Type A (width 16mm ) .
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