45hz bass boost on amp sounds gummed up?

it's not distorted but it sounds a bit muddy when I have 6 or 12 dB bass boost on my amp.
the bass sounds too muddy for 45hz but when I use the EQ on my computer it sounds great and clear.
tried many different speakers. from 12 inch subwoofers down to crappy 16 ohm 2 x 4 inch tv speakers rated for probably less than 5 watts.
all speakers have muddy bass at 45hz bass boost.
any idea as to why?
Do you know that to double the output power of an amp is to raise the level 3db? And the reverse, if you ask a 3db increase from the amp, it has to double the power at that freq to do so. every 3db is to double the power again. SO a 12db increase or boost would be like asking your power amp to double double double double the power output. Your amp is not limitless, so it just runs out of room to produce a clean waveform.

If your speakers cannot produce 45Hz, boosting the 45Hz in the signal won;t make the speakers do it.

I suspect you are overdriving your signal path.


diyAudio Moderator R.I.P.
2005-11-24 1:47 am
....... muddy bass at 45hz bass boost.
any idea as to why?

difficult to say, especially without knowing how the boost is done

I have ongoing experiments with my 3way bass guitar speaker

my new DIY preamp was a huge improvent in every way

after that I did very small adjustment to the mid/tweeter xo
this actually resulted in greatly improved bass response from my 15" woofer
even more funny that the woofer have its own amp, and no xo of any kind

I also have a midbass horn
when I connect that, everything changes again

its just to say, its never simple at all ;)