4558DD Datasheet

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Wonder what is the attraction of the Jrc 4558
Ics? Always thought they were 741 style clones and
as old as the hills. I have three in a nice C22 Aiwa
micro preamp and was planning on replacing them with
B&B or other more modern Ics. Am I missing something?


Yes Carlos, like you I believe Jrc4558 ICs
should be left to non-audio applications these
days where they do not defile our ears! It was
just that the S Korean master of miniaturisation,
Sijosae (Jeoing Seob Shin) used them in a cough
lozenge box size headphone amp if I recall correctly.
Perhaps he was experimenting with what
was at hand in his tool box ! Perhaps he was
just making a hearing aid for a poor friend in the North!

So what IC replacement in your opinion would make
a circuit with 4558s to sound acceptable
in the 21st century with minimal other circuit



I guess when I was talking about the down side of

4558s I was thinking of those three still lurking

in my old Aiwa C22 preamp (both line and phono stages)

or their 741 relatives in my old Audio Amateur

DR13 12db crossover boards that are somewhere in

a box in my garage. Until the next generation of

Ics dropped in price (the NE5534s ans 32s etc)

the early 80s gear was inclined to use 4558s or similar.





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why not use TL072 instead

4558 op amps are generally the cheapest and the widly use dual op amp regarding preamp....coz it has many replacement...has a wide bandwidth...and economical to use....somehow..i found out that the performance of the TL0 family which is a jfet input op amp seems to perform well with a stabilized split supply....why not use it instead of 4558 and the likes.
Thanks leinahtan

I was thinking of going a bit up market on that
but maybe I should see what a 072 will do on
the way up. Getting the board out and removing
the 4558s maybe a journey in itself !
Still cannot get that URl to work just too long!
The inside of a C22 Aiwa is a bit or a rats nest
hardly a Jeff Roland ! !


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Hi all,

Very nice post regarding dual op amp.
What do you think, can 4558 be replaced with 2082, same company, and mitsubishi M5218A ---> is it better??
I think TL0 series have more noise when comes to use this op/amps for audio pre-amping.

Anyone has experience to try those op's..?

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