41hz Amp 4 Output Problems


I've been working on an AMP 4 and finally got it set up, but my output relay keeps tripping when input1 reaches a certain volume level; whenever the speaker needs a particularly high current level for a given note the relay cuts the signal out. I am not listening to the speakers all that loudly, and this ONLY happens on Output1; Output 2 works just fine at the same volume (in fact, output 2 has full volume range).

I'm not sure what to do at this point? I know the Tripath 2050 has overcurrent, over/under-voltage, and over-temperature protection - it's not over-temperature since it cuts out before the chip even has a chance to get hot. I've checked my 9V and 5V supplies and both are fine; I'm running the amp using a 22V transformer, and I do have a wire connected for R100.

Any help is very much appreciated, I tried asking the originator of the design at 41hz, and got a reply that the fellow no longer answers support questions and to ask the public if I had any questions... Guess I should have gotten a different kind of amp.

Thanks folks!
I have not used this design at all so this is just conjecture.

Check if the same thing happens with no load attached. If it does then there is a low impedance path accross the output somewhere.

If not make sure the output device is securely attached to the heat sink with some kind of thermal transfere material. These sort of chips often have instantanious thermal overload protection and they can heat up internally very quickly if the thermal path to the heat sink is not good.

other than that check for any solder splashes or contamination on the PCB that could be causing leakage accross the fets.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge of this design will turn up.