405-2/1 service data needed

405 - 2/1 service data needed

Hi dcd

I've just checked out the link to your Quad 405 mods which I find 'impressive'. As you may have seen elsewhere, I've just started on the long road to make a better 405/1, which I acquired recently (being a Leak Stereo 20 man for the last 20 years or so!).

Work done until now was replacing the binding posts, extending the din socket to two rca's and fitting a small on/off toggle at the second last blank hole right ( I had a slight hum at extreme right and moving it stopped the problem).

And then, I repainted the two side plates and the top colour in auto basecoat/clearcoat metallic grey to make it look 'different'.

The last mods for now would be to replace the old electrolytics and taking a breather to enjoy my handiwork for a while.

I can mail some pics if you'd like to see a 'gris tungstene' 405 as it was paint left over from a previous Renault.




2006-01-23 10:59 pm

thanks for the comments - If you are serious about the 405 you really should change the input stage to the non-inverting topology on my web site – but of course listen as it is for a while (perhaps with the speaker connections reversed) I would welcome you views if you ever do the changes shown.

I actually have an espace that colour! so I can imaging how it looks – did you apply the top coat ?? – Rumour has it that QUAD used Rover car colours without the clear coat and over the years I have made some restorations this way which have aged well – I guess the aluminium oxides with time and the finish matts and either lightens or darkens depending on the exposure to light.

Do you do your own (Blue) anodising ??


405 - 2/1 service data needed

Hi dcd

Thanks to you too for replying! Yup, I always apply the clearcoat too. I'm much more familiar with carts & tt's and observe that the cameraderie and willingness to give advice a very positive experience - especially if old monkeys like me are still feeling their way around solid state. As a first step on the inside mods on the 405, I'll limit the mods for now to the big electrolytics and the small brown ones on the boards with the closest equivalents. Will it be OK to use 10'000mfd 100Vdc for the big caps as this is all I can get locally which has the same size as the existing items? I also find your choice of the blanked-off holes on the back panel better than my own.
Your question re the anodising: Yes I do this myself with equipment I built as well. Btw, I hope you didn't see the sh#tty pic on my webpages. At that time, I still hadn't got the anodising right. The cart has also changed a lot cosmetically.

I've been driving Renault cars since 1961 and had most of them imported into ZAR over the years. Including a couple of R8 Gordini's and the only other brand owned was a TR3A for 6 years.
The current Renault is a Laguna for which I also have spare paint but the colour was too light...