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(4) UCD400AD's for sale!

i have 4 ucd400ad's for sale. they are all used, but they all work just fine and will work for some time to come.

two of them are modified, the other two are stock. the modified ones have panasonic FC 680uf caps instead of the 470uf yaego's, and a BC components film output filter cap (the one recommended in the tweaks thread here). they sound very nice. prices are as follows:

UCD400AD (unmodified) - $130 each
UCD400AD (modified) - $140 each

shipping will be $15 for a pair. i don't really want to split up a pair either. so, only buy two of them :) US shipping only, for now, unless no one in the US wants them. the reason for selling them is that i upgraded to the HG series.

edit: the input filter caps are mounted on the bottom side, for shortest leads. just an fyi...