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4 tda1541 chips for sale


2011-07-24 12:38 pm
Hi All.
Years ago I bought a few tda's, when I have time to make a dac. I don't see time to make a dac with this chip.
The tda's are bought by a dutch company.
I prefer to sell in once, but 2 by 2 will be possible, but first 4 in one time.
A small problem, I can't warrent the full quality, because I have never used the chips.
See pictures.
So. it means too, no returns.
The price is E 70.00. this mean including paypall fee
and registered shipment worldwide.


  • TDA 4X.JPG
    TDA 4X.JPG
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  • TDA back.JPG
    TDA back.JPG
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  • TDA pin.jpg
    TDA pin.jpg
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