4 spdif input adc?


2010-11-14 3:50 pm
Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to be a part of this exciting board!
I am currently looking into building my own sound card (adc and dac) but my requirement is at least 4 inputs - 4 outputs could be nice too!

Is anybody aware of a easy way of making this possible? I've seen 2 ins and outs (1 stereo in and out) but it would only make sense for me to build something myself with more than that.

Hope you can help me out!



2008-01-08 11:51 pm
Building your own sound card?

How do you intend to interface it to the computer?

As for the SPDIF, there are a number of SPDIF receiver ICs out there. Do you intend that all should be usable simultaneously?

I would think that if you need to ask a question like this then the chances of you successfully designing and building a sound card at your current stage of development are small to zero. Without intending to be discouraging...

T5.by - T5's audio pages
This guide made it look very easy - I just want it with 4 inputs :)

I believe building exactly that circuit twice (maybe in the same enclosure) and using a modded usb hub (also in the same box, possibly?) would fit the bill...

however, that would be recognized as two distinct sound cards by your computer (if at all, haven't actually done that).

thats pretty much the project i'm undertaking on these vacations

good luck!