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4 Pyle PPA 15 woofers (suitable for Open Baffle Bass)

Trying to simplify my secondary system, which is why these 15" (moderately high Qts 0.7) woofers are for sale . I finally got the horn sub reasonably dialed in so don't need these OB mid-bass units as much. They will get you down to the 40's on a small baffle and down to around 30Hz on the linkwitz W-type baffles I used them on WITH NO ADDITIONAL EQ . You don't want to use these woofers much above 150Hz ie. they are strictly woofers.

I'd prefer to sell them in pairs, for ease of shipping, but will consider requests for single woofers too.

Condition, . near new and all work perfectly, .. apart from the fact that they have been mounted before. They come with the original packing.

Asking $35 each per driver + actual shipping from the Dallas, Tx zip code 75074 (local pickup welcome). A fair deal considering their condition and what they sell for new. They can also probably serve as budget PA speakers too.

Local buyers are also welcome to the pair of linkwitz w boxes I built for them for the cost of the wood, .. say $20 per box