4-Pin Connectors for Umbilical to Power Supply?

I get aircraft 3-6 pin connectors just because they have a good grip.
You are certainly correct about the crimping tools. I have used many types for work over the decades, whether hydraulic or manual or electric. Funny to me are the 'experts' who have demonstrated their lack of dexterity and some common sense when making some of the crimps. The quality inspector would make an example of that sort of work. It is a step by step process that requires everything to be in place. Sounds easy unless you are doing 13 feet up in midair or standing on your head in a tight corner.
Soldering too, can be done better if the connectors, both male and female are connected while the operation is being done. Tinning prior to the actual solder connection will make it possible to get in and get out more efficiently. It seems that some brands don't use a very high temp plastic for their products, making it challenging to get it done in the short time that you have.
I had excellent manual dexterity at the time, and still had problems with getting "perfect" crimps consistently.
The Amphenol circular connectors that I've used had the pin connections completely recessed in the housing,
so they could not be soldered in place. And there were over 30 pins, so you'd never be able to get to the inner ones anyway.
Remember that often contacts are separately sold, and require a special (expensive) crimp tool.
Thank you. I would much rather solder than crimp, so we can maybe exclude any crimp types.

I should ask this while I’m here: If a pin lost connection and one half of a regulated voltage supply to opamps was interrupted, might that result in a sudden destructive transient through the equipment and speakers?

Also, in your opinion, where do 4-pin XLRs sit in terms of connection reliability?
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Sure, it could make a lot of noise.
I will only say that NASA does not use XLRs.

Personally, for the highest reliability using connectors, I would use circular connectors,
with two or three pins/wires paralleled for each connection. But "proper" crimping is still
more reliable than soldering.
Not a problem with 4 pin XLR as such, seeing how you will the guy that owns the equipment. If mistaken for a different type connection, then it may be worth reconsidering.

The toughest little connections that I had to make were F style connections. for telecommunication bays. Man, a steady hand for that stuff. Come to think of it though, you really want to get it right when working with 750 MCL power cable that was about the same size as your wrist. It really sucks when something moves just as the crimper grabs hold of a cable. When done correctly, it was a beautiful thing.
Try and get the male panel mount jacks and the female of whatever connector you decide on. That was there is no chance of getting shocked if the supply is on and the cable unplugged. It’s almost idiot proof! You can look for surplus Amphenol or similar mil spec connectors with screw threads to securely attach them. They are often brass bodies with gold contacts. Check Apex Jr on eBay for some.