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4 deck switching attenuators

I have Sonic Frontiers stereo series attenuators, as seen on the SFL-2 balanced line stage pre-amp. These are series attenuators which means that the greater the degree of attenation, the greater the number of resistors the signal must pass through. Input impedance is constant at 50K ohm. A lower cost alternative to the SHALLCO ladder attenuator, it offers performance superior to any potentiometer. As Michael Percy states: "the sonics are surprisingly good if quality resistors are used". Comprised of an Electroswitch 24 pole 4 deck switch with silver plated brass contacts an 88 Holco 1/4 watt 0.5% resistors. There are 24 positions with approx. 2 dB volume step per division. The switch is good for balanced line stages. Can also be use as a shunt element.
The price is $80.00 USD ea. which is 40% of Sonic Frontiers catalog price.


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