3x Seperate 11,2896mhz + 1x 5,6448mhz clock

I have built a Kwak cloak for my Marantz CD94. With this clock it sounds better. Now, i intended to feed all SAA7220, SAA7210 and TDA1541A chips from the same (master) Kwak Cloak. Which chip can take the 11,2896mhz from the Kwak cloak and distribute this frequency as seperately 3x 11.2896mhz + 1x 5,6448mhz? :confused: Any schematic?
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Here's some relevant info I wrote for this chipset.

There's also lots of other relevant stuff I collated from this forum too.

http://www.fidelityaudio.co.uk/1541 clocking_03.2ver.pdf

Thanks for your all comments.
Yes, this is what i saw on the internet. After i saw it, i intended to make a similar circuit like fidelityaudio.co.uk C2. Meanwhile, I noticed that, MAX913 IC which is at the output of my Kwak Clock has actually two clock out :) I am using only one of them (pin no:8). It means that i can also get another 11.2896 mhz frequency from it's leg no:7. And in this case, i can feed both SAA7220 digital filter and SAA7210 decoder with 11.2896 mhz as described below link :) In my opinion it will be a good modification and will be effective on sound quality. http://www.fidelityaudio.co.uk/1541 clocking_03.2ver.pdf

I have remained one more problem: For the Replacing the bitclock feed on TDA1541 as described in the same link above, i need more 1xclock and 1/2x clock frequency and this is difficult to obtain.
Now, i wonder how much difference will occurs on sound quality if i don't feed TDA1541A S1 with 11.2896 mhz(to pin 4) and 5.6448 mhz (to pin 2).
Any comment are welcome!
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MAX913 Datasheet: http://www.datasheetcatalog.org/datasheet/maxim/MAX912-MAX913.pdf
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