3way Plasma TV Speakers. Help please.

3way Plasma Speakers. Help please.

I've finally got a plan for my AV layout and my front speakers.

Slides 3 and 4 show two possibilities:

dcx2946 is a programmable crossover with level control with 6 outputs, so I can put any 3 drivers in any 3 boxes (or not) and play around. But I really have no idea where to start with choosing the 3 drivers.

The idea is that the large ported sub is just for 5.1 movies. For CD only the main 3way speakers will be in use. Therefore I want good bass from the 2 little subs.

As drawn the subs are 500Hx 400Wx450deep. The amplification for all drivers will be LM3875 chipamps which give about 55W. I can build a bigger amp for the subs if required eg 110W each.

The plasma speaker are 600high, the width shown is 300 but that can be altered, I'd like the depth to be 250 or less. As they are above ear level I'm planning to taper them to aim them downwards.

For budget, lets say up to £500 ($1000) for the 6 drivers. US or Europe sourced is OK.

I'm interested in your comments on front firing versus downfiring also. I would prefer downfiring for reasons of child proofing.

All comments and suggestions welcome.
This is what I'll have once I've painted the my big sub.


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Just out of curiosity, how deep are your wall mounted speakers going to be?

Something like 250mm deep would be OK. MY screen currently sits 150mm proud of the wall.

But that's what I'm asking here. I'm hoping someone will say xxxx woofers and yyyyy tweeter will sound OK in a box that size. With zzzzz subwoofer drivers.

I really don't have any experience of all the trade-offs, but I'm thinking that as it's a 3 way design the wall mounted part can be sealed (because no need to extend the bass downwards ?)