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For Sale 3D Printed holders for the UcPure Power supply

Things you have for sale.
Hi all

I have previously made a "swap Meet" for selling this 3D printet holders, but I think I would be more easy to have it in a Group Buy since everthing is displayed at the top of the thread instead.

This Group Buy is for a finished 3D printet set of holdes for the UcPure Power supply made by IanCanada: https://iancanada.ca/products/41c-ucpuremkiii-ultracapacitor-power-supply

If you have a 3D printer your self, you can download a free file here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:6578689

I have decieded to make a smaller batch for those not having access to a 3D printer and here is the pricing:

UcPure holder price

I hope to have the first sets ready to ship out within a week or 2.
Small batches will be made. Please allow up to one week or more before shipping (hopefully much faster).

Please send a PM of how many sets you would like to buy, color, type of PayPal payment, where to ship to and your email:) I will get back to you with a total cost. You are also welcome to contact me at: miklau.dk@gmail.com

1 set = 4 pieces (2 upper & 2 lower) to make one UcPure Power supply.

1 set: 14€
3 sets: 39€
10 sets: 120€

1/2 set (two lower bracket only - use zip ties to secure caps - for low height enclosures):9€

Types of colors: Black, Grey or White

Set of screws for one UcPure and assembly (4 x M4 nuts and 4 x M4 screws)
1 set: 2€
3 set: 5€
10 set: 15€


Recommended Letter - Worldwide (with tracking and insured up to 34€):

1-18 sets: 20€ (0-2kg)

Package full insured - Worldwide (outside of EU)
1-8 sets: 41€ (0-1kg)

Package full insured and with tracking (GLS - within the EU):
1-8 set (0-1kg):
15€ for the following countries: Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, Poland,Sweden and Germany.
18€ for the following countries: France, Finland, Czech Republic and Austria
25€ for the following countries:Bulgaria, Estonia, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Hungary and Slovenia.

I will accept all types of payments with PayPal for the above shipping methods. Please add 5% to the entire order including shipping if a regular PayPal transaction is preferred. “Friend to friend” transfer (no fees) is also acceptable but entirely up to you.

Shipping by letter (PostNord):
Possible but no tracking, no insurance, long lead time AND at buyer risk:
1 set: 7,5€ (100g) - Worldwide
2 set: 14,5€ (250g) - Worldwide
+3 set - use recommended letter - Worldwide

With this method please accept terms above and will only receive “friends to friends” transfer from PayPal.

All parts are shipped from Denmark.
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I have finally finished some holders with an acceptable quality. Small imperfections as with 3D printing, but I I do find them quite good and consistent 🙂
If you are interested please send me and PM.


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