300VA better than 200VA for mono RevC?


2010-02-13 1:48 am
I ordered 2 200VA 25V transformers from Antek and they just emailed me saying they were out of stock and they will replace it with the 300VA 25V for free or rewire them to make them a 200VA. Is 300va to excessive for each mono block of a RevC or better than the 200va? thanks
The only downside to swapping in the 300VA for the 200VA is the extra weight and bigger size.
There is no point in re-doing the windings.

If there is any change in sound output, then it can only be for the better, certainly not worse.

A 60W MyRefC monoblock can operate from 60VA to 120VA transformer. 160VA is commonly regarded as minimum to reduce the effect of high regulation that comes with smaller transformers.
Uprating the VA to 5times the maximum power may be overkill, but it's not costing you extra.