3 way upgrading Jamo D590 replacements and filter question

At this Time, Hope your are well John.

Thank you :)!

I had a little "stomach problems" after appendix problem, but not by surgical scar but generally in the stomach/intestines.
But the last 3 day´s has been better and better ( had been eating Omeprazol-medicin 14 day´s) , so soon im training for marathon again ;)

+1 celsius here in Sweden and snow-rain outside, so I long for spring and first flower´s to come now.

Still so happy with the modification on the Jamo D590 speaker, it just sounds so great whatever music you play with them.
And even with real high volymes the distortionlevel is real low and the sound is "kept together"

I have about 80-100 watt to give them with my 5 year old Onkyo 746 receiver, and after a lot of testing a 150 watt/8 Ohm amp should be a perfect match if you want to use the modification for 100% of capacity.

Bets regards John
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I cant find the Peerless woofer here in sweden?

You can get it from TLHP for 64 Euro each at:


It´s a french trusted company, and i have orderd from them about 20 times and always get it to my door in about 4 day´s (y)

A little more expensive from 80-95 Euro in the other 3 places in Europe how sells them:

Here is also a simulation in program BASTA for that Peerlees woofer, it´s perfect with 50 liters and tune in at 30 hz as i have done👌

Best regards John


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Hello all of you Jamo owners! And thank you for really interesting readings. A special thank you to those of you who provided schematics of xovers. I was going insane trying to figure out how my xover was coupled. Never heard of this isobaric xover.
Been reading this for a couple of weeks but joined this forum today!

The reason is, I own a pair of Jamo 707a (yes, 'a', that´s what the label on the rear terminal says). I bought them in 1994 and it seems like Jamo kept this curved design for quite a while, as it can also be seen in 707i and D 590 models (maybe more models?) The interior changed, though.
To cut it short, I have never been a hifi diy-guy but I had to refoam the push-pulled 8" woofers, with success! (Mind you, I am 70+). Since the cabinett is very well built, IMHO, it seemed like a terrible waste to just throw them away.

I recently bought a new integrated amp, Rotel RA-1572 MK2, and the speakers sound just great. However, what to do with a 28 years old xover? I think I need some more clarity in the upper regions, or maybe it's just my aging ears. But they are the ones usually listening.

I can see from Jawens (hey, I'm from Sweden too) and Moorclos' posts that my xover should be the same isobaric 4th bandpass, with other values and names.
My capacitors are: C1 10uF, C2 72uF, C3 150 uF, C4 4,7 uF. Attaching images.

Well, stopping here before you get tired of reading. Your help will be highly appreciated!
Thank you and take care!


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Hi Belemakare, I am VERY pleased with this amp but had a quick look at your other options. They are in the same price range as big brother of mine, Rotel RA-1592mk2.

Generally speaking, there are pros and cons with everything in life. My philosophy has been: do some benchmarking with reviews from fairly reliable sources, make a listening test if possible, then follow your gut feeling and like what you hear. With hifi, there is always something "better" (often more expensive). But the more you pay, the smaller the difference will be.

Like so many are pointing out on this forum, the fun is to have a decent system and then try to test different improvements that makes it even more fun!
It's all about music.

Good luck!