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I am new to this forum and seeking guidance on the speaker we are building.
The design is a 3 way with dual 15inch bass woofers, 12 inch midrange and a pleated horn tweeter. The cabinet is going to be large standing at least 6 feet tall with the large drivers. All drivers we have in mind are Beyma. This for home Hi-Fi application. Is this design workable. Will it sound good. I hear beyma drivers are for PA applications. Will it work for Hi-Fi.
Please advise and suggest .
There are a few TALL WMTW WTMW builds you can study. Google TPL150H WMTW ....and.... TPL150H WTMW

Javs' Modular Tower WMTW - 15FH520 / Beyma 12P80ND-V2 / TPL-150H

Javs' Modular Tower WMTW - 15FH520 / Beyma 12P80ND-V2 / TPL-150H - AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

For a shorter, low vibration cabinet, you could mount the two woofers in a bottom side-side counter-force configuration.

Tweek Geeks is the Colorado audio Boutique which developed the well reviewed BMF-1 speaker around the Beyma TPL150H AMT horn tweeter. The Faital 12FH530 is the midrange with a 1400Hz crossover, and two side-side counter-force Faital 12RS1066 woofers provide deep equalized bass. Extensive construction pictures are on the web. The BMF-1 stands 43”high x 16”wide x 20”deep, and this depth is needed for ~5cuft of volume for the two 12" woofers.
Getting closer to finishing one enclosure. | Tweek Geek'''s BMF Speaker in the making | Gym equipment, Gym, Loudspeaker


PS... The latest Beyma 12P80ND-V2.5 uses a ribbed cone. You may want to try to purchase the 12P80ND-V2 with a smooth cone for a high frequency midrange.


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The frequency response as per the data sheet for the 12 inch midrange is from 50 hertz to 4000 and for the pleated horn tweeter from 1000 to 23 K. The crossover point could be anywhere between 3000 to 3500. Do you still see a problem in using a 12 inch for the mids? Am I missing something. Please advice.
Rule of Thumb 1: You want a speaker with either constant directivity through the frequency range (difficult) or one that smoothly narrows as you go up in frequency (doable).

Rule of Thumb 2: A driver beams at 90deg when the diameter equals the wavelength.
It radiates wider below and narrower above.

For a 12" that happens to be 1200Hz.
The horn of the TPL200H has 80deg dispersion so you would look to crossover at 1200-1300Hz. While that is within the ability of the TPL most here who used it report that it sounds better and less stressed if crossed at 2000-2500Hz.

So to keep the dispersion smooth you should be looking at a 8" or 6.5" midrange.
There are some dedicated mids which might be suitable, some have closed backs which simplifies the build a lot.

B&C Speakers
B&C Speakers

(I don't know any of these personally)
Thank all for your suggestions and advise.
We are having a re-look at the 12 inch for the mid range.
As per your recommendations, shall switch over to an 8 inch.
In that case we have two 15 inch for the lows, 8 inch for the mids and the pleated horn tweeter.
Is it advisable to go with WMTW or WWMT.
Also should the cabinet be modular with separate sections for the drivers and also MDF or HDF or birch ply to use.
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